2699 John Daly

Inkster, Michigan 48141

(Phone) 313.565.5400   

 (Fax) 313.565.5936

General Information


Proto Cast is dedicated to providing the automotive industry with the highest quality CAD/CAM Tools, Models, Check Fixtures, Zinc Alloy Tools for Prototype, and Vacuum Form Tools & Parts. Proto Cast's commitment is to bring your design to prototype in the minimum time with the minimum cost.

Attitude, experience, and technology form a partnership at Proto Cast that has been serving industry for over twenty-six years. Having grown to 32,000 square feet, this Zinc alloy foundry provides a complete range of services for prototype tools from wood, plaster, and foam model making to NC controlled duplication mills.

Pouring molten metal is an ancient art but technology abounds at Proto Cast. Powerful Unix workstations run the latest CAD/CAM software, providing customers with everything they need to turn their designs into reality.

Map to Proto Cast

Management Team

Production Equipment

Zinc Alloy Foundry

  • No Bake hardsand (coated molds)
  • 600 lb/min continuous mixer
  • 150 lb/min continuous mixer
  • Mechanical sand reclamation system
  • Two 15,000 lb melting furnaces
  • 5,000 lb pouring furnace
  • 35,000 lb/shift pouring capacity
  • Flask size: 3'x3' to 14' x 8'
  • Single castings up to 35,000 lbs
  • Coring to customer specifications
  • Special coring for backdraft conditions

Two Tarus  Left Hand NC Mills

  • 6' x 7' table
  • Right hand Updated with New Fidia Controls

Two Tarus  Right Hand NC Mills

  • 6' x 10 ' tables
  • One Updated with new Fidia Controls

Two Fadal 60/30 N/C Vertical Milling Centers

  • 60" x 30" tables

Four Dell Windows XP Workstations

  • 2- Running PowerShape 3D Surfacing Software
  • 2- Running Work N/C Automatic 3D Milling CAM Software

Complete Model/Duplication shop


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